Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Wednesday in Erie PA

Ok, so I'm sitting here in Erie and I should be working hard, but it was cold and rainy again I'm swapping off the addressing of the postcards for our mailing with a little blog-appeal..with my little heater going..
Went to a College & Career night last night with DD. That went OK, I guess. I could send evaluation forms in on some of the reps. that were there. Clarion - very nice, well informed, friendly and encouraging. I give her a very good mark. SUNY-Cortland, not so good. I was put off by this guy telling my daughter what a small number of students in her interest actually succeed there and how hard it is and what tough tests there are and I wondered if she was a strong boy with glasses and maybe taking notes, if the treatment would have been the same. Funny how impressions are made and what it would take to change that now. I try to be nice to everyone at first...I don't usually get nasty or rude or annoying until the second or third time!! Back to my mailing!!

Happy day, all.

PS. I hung that uniform up this morning and it looks pretty clean!! Ready for Friday Night!!


Sue said...

I do sometimes feel that girls are not equally treated in our educational system. You'd think we'd have overcome that by now...


PS. Hope the guy didn't manage to discourage her!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to k-12....girls have the upper hand. After that..I honestly do not feel like they do.Boys are found to be annoying and to scatterbrained in the younger grades. As they push towards adult hood though and start looking like men, thats when the girls are sometimes left in the dust. Dont let anyone talk to you daughter like that. Grrrrrr. It doesnt even matter boy/girl..if she wants to go into a certain field...who the hell is he to try to talk her down? You were nicer than me my friend.