Wednesday, September 9, 2009

feelin' rather ramblish....Just listening to some music from someone's blog...wondering when the ecomony is going to pick up. Honestly, it's not good, in case you are somewhere and didn't notice. I still have about 1/2 of my shop guys laid off and people call every day looking for work and the salesmen, they're passing each other on the way in and out. Where are these guys coming from? I keep plugging along. The garden wasn't a huge bounty, but it was such a good learning experience, and I have something to build on for next year. I'll start some seeds inside again, but need to improve the light situation so my plants are not leggy. Thoughts for the many winter hours that will stand between me and my next plantings... and now I've read about kale, that I have never eaten that I know of. Where have I been? I had Ocra in my soup last week and it was OK... never too old to eat new stuff.
This morning, after Ernie & I took Mary for a walk, we whipped up some potato soup in the crockpot. I found some not-so-wonderful potatoes under the sink, but I used the good bag and then added frozen hash browns.. a quick tip I picked up last winter when I had a hankering, but not much a.m. time. Dumped in the bag of hashbrowns and they worked and they were a cheap, large store-brand bag and hey, it smelled good when I came home and I didn't have to think much about it. It may turn out to be a rather warm day for soup, but the prediction was showers on and off and when it is rainy, I don't mind hunkering down with a good bowl of soup. I don't think we have any places to go tonight..I can't speak for anyone else in my family. I think it would be a good no-TV night, but that probably won't fly. That's easier pulled off with a lot of snow and a fire in the fireplace. Got some reading, some knitting, some quilting to do. ...or not... if I get too comfortable, the inside of my eyelids are all I see... I just decided to ramble on here because I am disappointed if I don't see new posts on my regular blogs...of course, they usually have something more to offer than this.


June said...

I took some kale photos for you today, Karen Sue, and will try to get one posted soon.

Sounds like soup is just the thing for you as it is for me!

Sue said...

Soup is definitely one of my favorite meals. Even in the summer.


Anonymous said...

How many plants do you plan on starting Karen? My lighting situation isnt the best either. My plants got very leggy last year, even with regular turning. Grrrrr. If my hubby doesnt get off his duff and help me build a screen house before the snow falls, I might just use my mom's this year. But I am starting hundreds of plants, dont wanna crowd her out!

Well, the whole economy thing....I try to be blind to it or I will feel very down. I just get scared for families whose home are being taken away. That ,to me, has to be one of the most devistating things.

Anyways, gotta run. Just found out I have 1.5hrs to clean my house (OMG its such a mess!!!) casue hubby invited friends over LAST NIGHT but neglected to tell me till just now!

Anonymous said...

Ha I wasnt sure where to respond either! Funny! So I wanted to tell you, there are some in expensive set ups you can do right in your home. Grow lights suspened from basement rafters are great. Just dont put the lights waaay high above the seedlings or they will get leggy again! I saw a mag article where they suspened the lights and put 2 saw horses a few ft apart and were able to fit a ton of flats for the seedlings in one area. They just rotated them once a day around the make-shift table. Kinda anice set up, but I am trying to convince hubby that a green house would be a better investment. I can use it year round! On a good note about leggy plants though....even my leggy ones produced a decent crop this year. It just took the a bit longer ot adjust to garden life. Good luck next year! I am sure you will keep me posted!