Sunday, August 2, 2009

OOPS!! I broke it! x's 3!!

Yes sir!! You are seeing correctly, I broke all three of my hand diggers yesterday!! and I didn't even get the job done!
It was our Saturday morning to do Men's Prayer Breakfast, and that is a day that always throws my timing off. I come home and it is around 10a.m., but I really feel like taking a nap and if I don't get going on something I just dum fum around... so I did that a bit in the morning and then I decided to knock off a weeding project I have been putting off WAY TOO LONG!! Out front there is a post with our name on it and around that was a lovely puff of creeping phlox. Well, over time grass has started growing up through it and now, it is much easier to see the grass than to see the phlox. One of our tax clients is a landscaper, so we mentioned to him that we needed to do some work around the house - replacing some shrubs that have overgrown and have dead spot, adding some around the new construction, putting bark around the other tree... well, we had a crew show up and they had it done in no time... only thing left was a spot where we had a white birch that had died and needed replacing. A small maple was in our future. Well, I thought I could get my spot weeded and have him mulch both, but he was here and gone and I hadn't done my part, so ...there's no time like the present... I got started and got 3/4 of the way around and had broken all of my diggers. The one, I had broken the center fork out of before, but tried it in desperation when all else was broken...They are not that new and I guess it was time, but how sad that I had to go shopping before I could finish my chore... and guess what the weather is today.?? RAIN!! SURPRISE!! I'll sneak out between rains and get it finished, then I'll line up a garbage can or two of mulch from him that I can pick up on my way by and we're grinning!!
After all of this Linksys messing around, now I have a laptop that died. Not good. My uncle is coming home from Alaska today, so I'm hoping to drop it off there and see if he has any luck reviving it... that's the kind of stuff he putters with sometimes...

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