Thursday, July 30, 2009

So far it is a dry day...

Do you ever wonder....why didn't that sky run out of rain yet?? I've thought about big rains that bring flooding and I think BIG STORM, but I'm talking about when it rains quite enough every day for 3 or more weeks. Everything seems Zuchs and squash plants are getting some moldy spots and I've lost a couple of zuchs because they rotted on the wet ground as little squirts. I Do have some promises in my garden though, and my cucumbers are getting on. A few deep-in tomatoes, cherry ones that were my first fruits, are just now starting to turn. Too many rainy days and not enough sunshine, I guess. I think there may be some Roma tomatoes in there after all. I thought I picked up a pack of them, but then I couldn't tell which ones were different. Now I think I can tell some. The peas were pretty much a total loss for me... something else enjoyed eating them, but they never made it to MY table. Had a bit of the lettuce on my sandwich the other night. Blossoms slowly on my peppers-from-seeds. I think I could pick a meal of green beans now, too... It is hard to wait, but the garden is worth it. And when I see Willowe's garden, I'm glad we got into it. Every thing is a learning experience and we'll use it toward the next time. Next year for sure. But did I plant too many tomatoes in my space?? We'll have to see!!

and Have a Happy Day!! Peace Out!! as my little friend Kate would say!!

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Lisa Loo said...

So I have been gone awhile and its taking me awhile to get caught up. Its late and I want to read all you have been up to--so hopefully will be back tomorrow---hope all is well with you---