Saturday, July 4, 2009

Down To Earth Audit

Thanks Farmgirl Cyn... you don't know how many combinations I tried to post that little thingie of Rhonda from Down to Earth. I didn't quite figure out how to click on the picture and get the link, so please just click on the words there and it will shoot you over to her website, where there is a gentle reminder to re-evaluate the changes you are trying to make in your life. It is a bit like looking at the paper you wrote your New Year's resolutions on and instead of saying 'I blew it', figuring out what to adjust and tweak to make it work better. I like to read her blog, because she is always encouraging, never condemning. We ALL need a little more of that these days!!

There is a little auditing of the books, so to speak, going on at Down to Earth... I think my many hours in Erie and beyond yesterday kind of violated the conserving a bit, but maybe not. I try to do as many errands at one time as I can and it sometimes seems to take WAY to long... but if you are crafty and creative, you will also understand how picking one yard of material for your purchase, among a sea of colors and patterns, can take more than a minute. And why, if you really want local strawberries, you'll stop at all 4 stands along the way and get the scoop. The rain is just wrecking havoc on the crop. I wanted fresh ones for today, and I was making jam out of the ones at home...except when I got home with no berries, I discovered that there wasn't enough left there for anything... the gremlins had moved in to search and devour them...oh, but my thoughts have strayed...again. Because of the next little few weeks schedule, I will adjust the week of no buying. It just won't happen yet, but I can read and learn and use it later and do some of the things along this summer... Be the I think I'd better make a plan of attack for the house, particularly the dining room... if the 4th of July party is always at your house, and it is Saturday, and Bible School starts Sunday evening, and after church you have a farewell dinner for members who are moving to Texas, and then after Bible School is done Thursday nite, you must come home and pack the car for leaving for Rochester at 7am to do some college visits on the way to Cape Cod for vacation for a week... and parcels for all those things have been accumulating on the dining room table, among other places, you should have a plan to have that spot cleared off and it might not be quite so pressing if it hadn't poured buckets at least 10 times a day for the last week. Chances are we will end up inside for at least part of the evening...I need to be prepared for that. My wonder kids did a stroke of work around here yesterday... I think they were glad to have me out of their hair and not reminding them of what needed done... so their rooms and the living room are looking mighty good right now...that is probably related to the amount of strawberry power they had.

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Donetta said...

Hello, I recieved your note.
Now the soap is greated in the hot water it melts.
then you add the 1/2 c of the washing soda (not baking soda to different things)
and the 1/2 c of the borax into the bucket after the soap melted in the water on stove

water and grated soap (melted in pot on stove)
pour into bucket
add 1/2c and 1/2 c
stir it will heat chemically
Then it will thicken
at that point add the extra water
Let set and then stir
Watch it at that point to stir it keeps thickening a bit.

If the soap is not liquid as in melted first it kinda gets thick at least mine has both times