Monday, June 29, 2009

There's a little girl out there...

who is patiently waiting for her little baby quilt, but every day, the quilt must get bigger!! I have neglected a gift and it's time to take care of that. I was going to wait until I went to Cape Cod to get material, but I found these 5 colors when I was looking for backs for other things, so now I think I will try to sew the top and take it along as my sewing project for the week. Also taking some knitting dishcloths project for a new friend... then the stack of books I have been it time to go yet?? First a week of Bible School, and then I'll be double ready for vacation!! I thinking just a random pattern of these colors - 'cuz lately, random is what I do best! Don't you wish it was for you?? Maybe next time! Thinking about the graduation party I'm going to at 6pm and perhaps I should start getting ready... also thinking I'd like to head out in the early a.m. to pick some strawberries... just gotta find a place. Bert will go with me...maybe Dan. We are needing to get some... Loaned my new-to-me extra freezer to Addie so she can stock up for the weekend and have some extra space. Everyone is going to want ice cream on July 4th weekend, and since it is the best around, I know you'll be there and you'll want your favorite flavor, but even with the extra space, you'd better go early. I think I will walk around the lake on the 4th and have an ice cream stop on the way... sounds like a winner, right?? Oh, but the picnic is here, so I'd better go early!!

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Farm Chick Paula said...

Beautiful colors! That will make a wonderful quilt.
Home made ice cream is on our menu this weekend... Hubby made sure I didn't forget to buy the ingredients!
(He only reminded me 9 times! LOL)