Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do you...


This is my tomato jungle. I know now to purchase the tomato cages that you want, before you need them...because when you and your mother, too have checked 8 or 10 places, it will be getting too late... and when you find one that is quite a bit smaller than the others... and the plant, that will present a BIT of a problem, too. But Ma & Pa found me some today, so it sounds like we are on the road to neat and tidy again...
See it hiding in there?? You might have to click on the picture to get a close up, but you'll want to see my first cherry tomatoes are coming on!! I'm psyched!!

And can you taste the cucumbers that will grow on this plant, tucked here on the edge, ready to sprawl all over?!?
Do you find it odd that I take pictures that I never would have wasted film on before digital, just so I can blog it?? You, don't?? Is that because you do it too?? OK, then, we're obviously totally normal..whew! That's a relief... thought I was cracking up there for a while. I think I need to go get some burger fixin's... just trying to decide which direction. Perhaps I'd better wait for Bert to come back from Garret's house first... that will decide for me by what time it is.

I have been just a busy little hen today, flitting here and there... yeah, the first things I started are STILL not finished, but I did a lot of stuff in between. I got up and decided that the family room could use a good clean. So I got into that, then I got some laundry goin' and then I decided I should try some wheat bread again, and I tried a new recipe, and I multi-tasked myself into a whoops!! but hoping it tastes swell anyway...1 loaf and some rolls... then just as I was finishing that up to let it rise, I needed to go pick up Dan, who was wanting to go to the Transformers with a friend at lunchtime, but he knew he was a bit on thin ice with the slacky way some things got done yesterday. So he was on weeding duty ... and even though he mixed up cookie dough yesterday, he has yet to bake, so I went onto and found an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and whipped up a batch of those and they are rather yummy... and now I have to come up with my blessings gift for tomorrow ... so I'd better be off.. oh, yeah, the family room!!..

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Eating delicious food is one of my favorite things in life. MMmm GOOD