Monday, June 1, 2009

frost free morning

I went out and covered my garden last night, but I don't think it froze which was HUGE for all the farmers around. Too much corn is too high according to my friend, the farmer's daughter. And the fruit would be lost at this point too. Think the gov't would cut them all a bailout check?? You know, so the bonuses would get paid and stuff!! Sorry. I'm having trouble with the fact that the gov't will own over half of the company that produced what is sitting in my driveway..or shall I say at the garage for a warranteed problem. Not convinced that is what the best answer is.
And I walked with the girls this morning. It used to be just Mary and me and then we added her neighbor across the road and sometimes her daughter comes along and today it was her SIL. Paul & Andrew haven't come in quite a while, so for the most part, it's just the girls. I am almost to the 120 mile mark.. I know I will easily make it to 300. Not going around the lake much right now, but maybe into the summer a little further. May get Elaine and Willowe to come over early some morning. We had fun doing it before.
My 17yo, who doesn't usually do this stuff, gasped as I turned out her light last night and said "shoot cookies". I wasn't sure why we were needing to shoot cookies, but I asked her about her program, after her ballgame, and she said she forgot she was supposed to bring cookies, so I have baked the ever-famous CCS sawdust cookies and they are cooling so that I can dribble chocolate frosting over them. So now I will go into the toyroom where I have quilt #1 stretched for tying and lots of strings ready to be tied. I had thought I could tie it this weekend, but a Babe Ruth game yesterday interrupted my thoughts... that's life here...
Better go let my tomatoes out from under cover!!
TO MY FRIENDS WITH PRESCHOOL PROGRAM KIDS: They were so cute and did a nice job!! Way to go!!

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Lisa Loo said...

I started catching up on your blog at the beginning but decided I better go back to where I last commented and start there. I kept knowing the outcome before the event--I am so easily confused.
I love the shoot cookies story--I snorted.