Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and today..

This morning I got up all those that needed it, and then took my dog and met my walking buddies. Yesterday I walked alone with Ernie and decided that it was time I could clip him. I had swept furry balls from the bedroom 3 days in a row, where it looks liked I had been collecting them for days and days...YUCK!! So we got home and got the clippers out and this time I left a guard on. Usually I take the guard right off, but I gave him a break. There are 2 or 3 spots where the guard had to be removed because he had some pretty nasty knots, but really he looks pretty good. I'll have to take his photo and post him here!
Then I headed to Ripley to work and left in time to meet Elaine at the school to go through music for our summer concert. I hope this works out well. We are inviting any of Sue Rhebergen's former students(and their high school age or older family members) to come to an all day music fest that concludes with an evening concert. The songs are mostly familiar... that's what we were doing...sortin' through music that had old dates and that we remembered singing in high school chorus from already dog-eared copies. We came up with around 15 numbers...anything from Sinatra to Sonny&Cher and the Carpenters, to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. Elaine and I came up with this thought last year when we spent all that bonding time together walking. We were talking about how much fun we had in chorus with our friends... our graduating classes had 60+ kids, but our sr high chorus might have 100+. We are waiting for the date and school approval to start sending out the emails, but look for them and pass it around. We will have a great time and hope to meet up with many of our old chorus buddies... Maybe Jocie will come and sing with us..Oh, this is gross, but I just had a flashback of a period of time where there were some of us that would swap lifesavers... Our kids are missing out on the greatest stuff, but I'm not sure lifesaver swapping is one of them!
Then I went home and picked up Bert for what turned out to be his last Little League game this year. He hasn't quite figured out the whole team dynamics thing yet, but it definitely wasn't his fault that they lost...probably the coach's fault. Oh, but we did get a good show from the coach of the other team. It got way too hot for a bunch of little kids with bats. I think it had something to do with changing the rules for playoffs.. but they have done that for years. I don't understand why, but that's the way it has been.... Bert and I went home to aloneness and leftovers, as Scott had a church meeting and the rest of the kids weren't around yet.
Tara's gift is finished, all bound and ready to bag... Lindsey's is stretched with the strings stitched, just waiting to be tied... maybe tonight. Then binding for that and Tyler's needs to be stitched together and I can attack that one, perhaps tomorrow afternoon. We have some errands to run... I have to have the annual mammo... WOF speaker once know, that's when they take a cup and make it a saucer! and also a little blood work, because of all the greasy food I eat!! I'll pretend I've been watching it, but probably should not go for the wings tonight, while I'm studying for the test!!
I can hear my garden growing...I hope to keep the chipmunks out of it. May have to borrow a cat or something. My mom's been trapping them and then driving them up the road a couple of miles and releasing them...wondering how long it takes them to find their way home!! Chipmunks I mean, not cats!!
Have a nice day and read some of your book for me...

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