Friday, June 5, 2009

and then last night....

I worked, came home to an empty cookie bucket, so I whipped up some of Adaleine Warnhuis' drop sugar cookies and then we whipped some insta-supper into the already-hot oven and changed clothes and then Bert & I left for his concert. I dropped him off to get his trombone ready and then hopped over to Willowe's to check out her garden for a minute. Not enough zucchinis in there to swipe one undetected, so I will keep looking! I did bring home a couple of squash, but I'm not sure I have the room they need to sprawl out and grow. Thought of letting them just grow onto the deck, you know, as edible decorations, but I'm not sure how that will work out!! Planted on top of the underground heating fuel tank - not too anxious to stick anything in the ground there, either. Did a bit of watering and the beans are starting to take off at my house. The rest of the garden area is not too bad. I did see a chipmunk eyeing the greens. I hope he is not a problem. It is a beautiful day today. I finished tying one of the quilts last night and machine sewed the binding on, so now I just need to hand sew the binding around. Still working on appliqueing KATIE on the green outgoing quilt, but very close to finished. Had a morning walk. Need to still get the backing for the 2 quilts and one could be layered as soon as I do. The other is still in starting pieces, so I guess I should kick it up on that one, because that is actually gift #2. Cut a few color replacement blocks on that one last night, so I will pick up the 8 or so applique blocks and zig them on this weekend....around the Gus Macker schedule. Need to prepare the backpack, 1st aid kit stuff and grab my chair and cooler...perhaps a snack or two...healthy, of course.
So what are YOU doing??

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Lisa Loo said...

Trying to figure out where all your energy comes from!