Monday, May 11, 2009

SO anyway...

It was a lovely Mother's Day. We gave our moms some posies in pots, not hanging this year, and I got 2 blueberry bushes at Stan's. It's what I wanted. I'm working on the planting location..not sure how close to plant these to pollinate. Guess it's time to review that info. I looked at some that are self-pollinators, but right now, I can't tell you if the ones I got are or not. I picked some shorter ones and I hope that was the right decision. I can always beef up with a couple of taller ones in the future. I know it will be a couple of years before the fruit trees/bushes 'earn their keep' but I figure it's a good time to start. I planted onions and put in a couple of my tomato babies, but I was too rough and broke a couple of necks..OOUCH! I put covers on these because of the we'll see if I have Grandma Green's thumb or not... Since I injured my tomatoes, I am hesitant to touch the peppers. They look short, but strong right now. I got a very nice potted plant from my Secret Pal at church and Andrea got a hanging plant from hers. My peas are trying to poke their leaves out. I stopped at Willowe's to see her raised bed and wow! her dirt looked so good, I decided to put more in mine. I called our friend and admitted that I was lusting after my neighbors' dirt and we had a good laugh, then I met him on Saturday and got a couple of garbage cans of dirt to make my veggies happy. Hope that works out for them!! Was waiting to see where the games were tonight, but I left the cell on the kitchen counter (typical) so I guess I'll have to find a message from Andrea when I get home...except she left hers, along with her graphing calculator, beside the door at home,too. The fruit falls SO close to the tree sometimes! Lisa should get a kick out of all of this random rambling around conversation. Hey, if you can't keep up, you'll have to take notes!! I'll try to get some pictures today of life. My flowering almond looks AWESOME right now. I have that because years ago,I saw the librarian's all flowered out and really liked it, so I got one and planted it and then I moved, and I missed it,so I got another and planted it and now it is big enough to enjoy. Jocie, I'm sorry I missed you, but if you come back this weekend, I'd be glad to go to Cinderella with you! and I was looking through old photos, and found a picture of you with Tony, but not with you and my kids prom-y..or I'd post it! There's a threat!!

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Caroline said...

I envy your blueberry plants! I'm contemplating some myself, if I can find some that grow low. The last place I spoke with had some that grow up to 5-6 feet tall - way too tall for me to contemplate putting in front of the house.

Thanks for the name suggestion! If you're ever in NH (or in the Boston area) you are most welcome to stop by for a visit!