Friday, May 8, 2009

Dan played, too

Yeah, Dan is an 8th grader playing on the high school team... they're a little Bad News Beary, but hoping to improve over time. He comes from a long line of catchers.

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Caroline said...

RE: Green & growing post

Technically, frost danger is not past. We are in Zone 5b, and traditional planting takes place closer to Memorial weekend. That's why my plants are still in trays and starter pots. It has been raining constantly the last four days, and they were in the house.

Peas like the cold... so does spinach. There is a variety of peaches that does well in colder climates, was developed at UNH (Univ. of NH) in Durham, NH. It may be "Reliance" - which is also self-pollinating, a plus on small properties.

Now I just need to learn to prune these trees!