Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful MORNING! Oh, what a beautiful DAY!!

The sun is shining and I am still coming down from tax season... you know that lost feeling when you don't have empty time for a while and suddenly you have some back and you just don't know where to start!! I have vowed to do my clothes and the diningroom table this weekend. And I'm doing childrens' time at church tomorrow, so I have a treat to bake.. Oh, the church cleaning lady will just love me!! I plan on handing out napkins along with!! Do I get any points for that?? How else could I talk about the topic that I have had on my brain for a while. Sometimes they come to me during church and I write them down. Sometimes my FIL forgets and asks me that morning and I hit the internet for an idea. I do use food often, but the kids don't mind and they rather remember the lesson...even the disaster day when I had marshmellows and no one wanted on. Yes, they were supposed to want them!! So I am going upstairs to start my bread making and cookies baking and get it down ... oh, yeah, I let the dog out, so I guess I'd better let him in, too. Andrea is busy painting chalkboard paint on her whole wall above her bed. I am planning on that someday being my office or the guestroom. It will probably be that many years before anyone has the umpsion to get that off or cover it up. I also have garden beds to make. I saw on someone's blog yesterday where they turned the sandbox into a raised bed and the light immediately went on..AH HAH!! I have a litter, I mean sand box in my back yard that I can't remember the last time MY KIDS were in it and when I mentioned this idea to the almost 17yr old she thought it was great 'cuz that sandbox is NASTY! WOW! I had no idea. It is right beside a deluxe swingset that no one spent enough time on either. It was put in our first spring, I think. So even though we don't have a cat to supply buried treasures, no one wants to play there, so Mrs Greenjeans is repo-ing the box!! The bread hasn't started itself and I really want to get the cookies all done before lunch.... see ya later!! Maybe I'll take a BEAUTIFUL DAY PICTURE to add. :o)

It really doesn't take too long to make some Linda TeWinkle Sugar Cookies - a favorite here!! I was off to dig, but it seems that this spring I am missing most of my utensils.. no hoe, no long handled forky thing... I really wanted to work outside BEFORE I ran to the stores for my errands later... guess I'll try plan B... Wanted to burn the pile, but there is a burning ban right now until it rains and it is pretty windy, too... maybe another day... one bite at a time. I have my friend Don Babo finding me some pear and maybe apple trees. I asked what he recommended and where...LOWE'S?? He said "Oh, no... I'll find you some" Gotta love a man with a green thumb who is willing to help those who are trying...

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Lisa Loo said...

You make me feel like breaking out it Oh What a Beautiful Morning! from Oklahoma!! Hope you have a great day!