Monday, April 13, 2009

I know Spring's out there somewhere..

Dear Jenny in California...
Thank you for the spring last week. I enjoyed your flowers...especially since this was how the first weekend in April was here in Findley Lake...don't you wish you were here???

In honor of Easter the snow melted and the daffodils were uncovered yet again... it has snowed at LEAST 3 times on them, so we should be good. Of course the pic this morning was quite crispy, as the outdoor temp was down to 24 degrees. This is spring and we'll take it however we can get it.
We enjoyed lunch at my mom's yesterday with Uncle Larry and Aunt Mary. The sisters were together in NC and brother was working so someone else could do the Easter Family thing this year. X didn't get time off at UB and must not have been hungry enough to make the trip! He stocked up last weekend for the rest of his year, so we probably won't see him until he is ready to move back. Maybe we'll just go surprise him!! Then in the evening, after a rest from eating, we join the in-laws for a feast. No weigh-ins today!! By now, you'd think I could do a better job pacing myself.

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