Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Things Swap over at Mamarazzi

Have you ever done a swap?? We're just starting a Secret Blessings thing at church to send goodies, prayers and encouragement to the person whose name we picked and lately I've been reading some blog histories where they have swaps and they sound like FUN,FUN,FUN!! ...and now guess what?!?! I found one that is just starting, so I can get in on it...and SO CAN YOU!! Just hop over to see what Mamarazzi has planned and get on her list!! I found it through April, who gave me a few helps on some of my posting...I'm still learning the techno stuff here! Anyway, who wouldn't want to swap a box of her favorite things for a box of favorite things from someone else, so of course the swap is called FAVORITE THINGS..not too complicated so far!! Hop over quick and see how it's done, and maybe you'll have a new friend before it is done!!


How about this trick...ok that trick didn't work.. I'm still trying to figure out how to write a word that you can click on to transport you to another galaxy in blogland...hmmm...

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Mamarazzi said...

fantastic, you figured it all out!

email me never2pink at yahoo dom com with following info:

a. Real name and Address
b. blog address (must have blog to participate, if private must be willing to "invite" partner to read blog)
c. email address
d. food or product allergies
e. would you be willing to ship internationally? (this is an additional cost, please keep that in mind)

You will be getting a confirmation email once I get your info. Please respond to that email, doing so will confirm your spot in the swap. Once I get all of the RSVPs and confirmation from everyone I will make the matches...around Feb 15. THEN all packages need to be sent on March 2.

My last swap was amazing. This one is going to be bigger so communication is paramount, for it to be just as or even more amazing! Be prepared to hear from me often, you are going to love this!