Friday, December 19, 2008

YAK TRAX... love em

If your walking along and you see these unfamiliar tracks, I just might be in front of you... a few years back, my sister sent me some YAK TRAX, and they are just the thing for days like today..They are a rubber frame that stretches on your shoes, just like the old rubbers your grandpa wore to church over his only pair of good shoes. On the bottom, they have metal springs wrapped around the rubber to give you some traction. I can put them on in the chair and walk to the door, but you wouldn't want to do too much indoor walking in them. I don't have much of a lip at the sole of my shoes, so I have popped one off from time to time, but with not much back-tracking I was able to locate the stray and bring it back home!! We were having snow this a.m. over the ice that has been accumulating the last few that has changed to freezing rain and sleet. The kids didn't have school, but I need to go to work for awhile, at least.

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