Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lookin' to 2009

wow! where does a whole year go?? I know that the whole bleacher-time parent thing, eats up time like crazy... when you check everyday to see whose bleacher you'll be on that night, it doesn't leave a lot of free time. We are people often in need of 'veg nite' because of that. Just get comfortable and do-nothing nights. Our Christmas was very nice and wild as always. Blending just added more chaos to an already busy mix of extended family. I have my bag of exchanges by the door for sometime when I have time to do it. And the gifts from under the tree and all around have been put in their appropriate places. Unfortunately for Dan and Bert, the Amish guy that was going to fix their dresser drawers, is just getting around to it. They have been pawing through clothes baskets for over a month and it is not a pretty site!! This will hopefully lead to some more sorting and pitching. There is too much stuff...and when you are the youngest, you are where the hand me downs end up, on top of other stuff. The drawers are supposed to be done by the weekend/first of next week.
I must report that the flannel PJ/long boxer bottoms I made for nieces and nephews were a hit in most all homes. 7 pair total... I adjusted waists and hems at my mom's on her machine Christmas afternoon, and still need to catch those with Dani,Christy, and Andrew. We'll have to make a point of that before one of the safety pins makes its own 'point'. I also gifted a couch cozy choice. I had made one of some flannel, but then made another of some other flannel and Scott picked the top and I tied it and bound it and it is already warming couch potatoes. Albert got 2 piece of fleece to make a tied blanket as a present, so we laid that out Sunday afternoon and clipped and tied that while we watched a movie... then Andrea came and helped me with the other one, and she was experienced and faster(she can watch and tie at the same time!!) She also packed up the Christmas gifts she had made for friends and took them today for passing out. She has a bad habit of not giving her gifts. She did better last year, so hoping it is a passing phase. We did end up with a lot of fuzzy socks one year of undistributed gifts!! She is off today for a make-up game with North Collins there at noon. later...
I had a head break off a snow baby, thanks to a twirling bath towel. That will go to Grandma to attempt to fix. I know I just should, but she is fussier... and I can't find the super-glue... I must have put it someplace safe.

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Lisa Loo said...

Wow--your Christmas makes me tired just reading about it! But it sounds like it was mostly good?? Those twirling towels will get you everytime dang-it! I'm sorry I didn't drop by yesterday--I could have sent you a smile---hope you found a spare lying around..