Monday, December 8, 2008

he felt different

Last night Dan said that when he got up in the morning, he felt different and it took him a little while to figure out why. His knee didn't hurt!! Let's hope that feeling sticks around all day today, since he has a game tonight. For his 3rd game, it would be nice if he could go in and out at any time and not be icing and making pained faces. First game-ankle, second game-knee... third game's a charm!! It is much harder on the mom, too. Moms just want to run over and kiss the booboo or tell them it will be OK and put on a big band-aid... sometimes we will want to run over to the other team and just kick someone in the shin, but that is not allowed, so I try to sit behind people who will prevent this type of behavior.
Last game my Aunt-&-Uncle who I hadn't seen in a coon's age - yes, you know who you are!- told us they had purchased airline tickets for Alaska... for January.. Now I really love these guys, but who in their right mind goes to Alaska in January?? ... I guess Grandmas and Grandpas with 1st Birthday parties to go to!! That guy is a little cutie. I saw him this summer at the reunion and then have been catching him from time to time on their blog.
Ernie and I headed out this morning and never met up with Mary(chapper!) so we took the low road and had a shorter walk... you'll have that when it is 14 degrees out!! Mary called later, but I didn't give her too hard of a time. Ernie and I needed the exercise. Today at work we had Rog's from Erie with BIG forklifts moving and re-arranging all the machines in the shop. It was kind of fun to go out to see what got moved next. It will probably be a while before I figure out where everyone's NORMAL spot is. It will be so much nicer though, as it will no longer be an obstacle course, although you could rack up more steps going from here to there if you had to take detours all over the place! But the path from me to the refrigerator is now clear, so I'll never have to worry about my next meal!! What a relief...


Lisa Loo said...

Amen to the path to the fridge and I love your picture of your dog--love it!

Lisa Loo said...

Hey--Karen Sue--I am not completely blog savvy myself but this is how I do it. I use the comments to answer questions or whatever. Like leaving me a comment! I don't know about flagging or anything else--I just go back and look--if I remember. Sometimes--if I think it is important I go to there blog and just comment on a blog--knowing that they will look there for sure. It all gets so confusing!! DOn't know if that helps or not!!