Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I went for my estimate today, which was late in the morning, and I planned on going to work after. And then on the way, I looked at the paper I had written the address on and the time was earlier than was on the calendar...can anyone one relate to this symptom?? and so I called while driving, in winter conditions, to ask what time the appointment was and it was the earlier time. So the order of where I was stopping on this main errand needed some alterations. I went to the mall for a quick size change, stopped behind for a 5 item purchase with a line as long as I've seen it in that store before, then on around to the next stop, which was cutting and checking out, so not so bad, but there were 6 transactions at the cutting table... then to the GE to pick up the prescription that was the reason I went UP Peachstreet in the first place, and the items for the food I'm taking to the places I'm going over the next 3 days.... and then back DOWN Peach (am I just nuts to do it twice?) I saw a guy walk by and I felt sorry for him, as it was only about 13 degrees..but he WAS wearing a ski mask, so I figured he was warm enough. (Andrea wondering if he was 'shopping' in that and getting great discounts! Maybe with a fake gun) I definitely DIDN'T feel sorry with him, when I realized he was making better time on the mile or so past the mall, than I was... so my few errands took me WAY into the afternoon, and since I was figuring another hour to Ripley, everyone would be gone before I even got there!!! Paycheck is going to be a little thin this week!! I'll resolve to do better next year!!

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