Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cut off from civilization...

Day #2 of no internet at home... I hope I didn't get any juicy e-mails from my friends. Even worse is when I finally get hooked up again, and I find I don' t have ANY emails... boo hoo!!! I emptied the desk hutch and took it down last night and moved the computer parts into the new space, have moved the desk parts this morning, but not assembled them back together... still deciding about that credenza thing. It has a lot of stuff stored in it to unpack, but it is the most efficient use of the space??...will it earn its keep?? Or perhaps I only want to use the bottom of it, and not the top... less of a monster that way.
But after school, I am off to see about Dan's bday gift. Part is a now and part is a part. Enough said for now. Then home to settle a few more things, and perhaps to get the computer back up and running, even if not online. Part of the shopping plan is to return the wrong modem to get the right modem. Wish me luck.. these things often take me 2 trips, but hopefully since Scott made the first one, I can get it right in just one more.

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Lisa Loo said...

Oh my goodness!! It sounds like crazy times at your house!! Love your techno story--hee-hee. Hope it calms down soon!