Friday, August 8, 2008

it's been forever!!

It has been such a crazy, busy summer...where did it all go??!?! Check out this little butterfly... caught on film by Andrea... She will often disappear and come back with the camera in her hand and you can never be sure what she was up to!!
Elaine is celebrating this week with her Scott home, then he leaves Sunday and Carrie is back to college on Tuesday. SO.. we are not meeting to walk this weekend. Gonna squeeze a little in between breakfast, chicken barbeque at the library, graduation party, and outside movie night with our church... all on Saturday... but since it is only 2 weeks 'til our big walk, I guess I'd better be squeezing some in somewhere!! Elaine was trying to find the group from Sherman who is walking Cleveland, also... using the e-mail method...
Finished week 4 of softball and having a great time. I could make something up here about how great we are and what our record is, but we don't have enough to play, so we just practice a bit. Now, this week, we were challenged by some old men (our age) and kids. I'm sure we won, but we had a great time. The T-shirts came, so not only did we play well, we looked AMAZING!!!
Now I am getting my shirt design around for the fall Scrap & Sew in Sept. Can't believe that it will be that time soon. Gotta enjoy the summer days that are left...

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