Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starting Something

I have already learned that if you do not save, it is gone. I know, pretty basic, right?@!?

This is my attempt to learn something new this summer. I had a list that I cannot find (surprise, surprise) of goals/resolutions for 2008. And I wanted to learn a new computer thing, so this is it. I have been googling around and learning all about the BC 3-day, which I will be walking in, in Cleveland, in August, with my friend, Elaine. She is an English teacher. I hope she doesn't get on here and correct my grammer and diagram my sentences!! I couldn't take the rejection. I will also try to keep you informed on things in my life and perhaps cut down on the novel-length emails that some of you get from me...although they are easy enough to clear with a click of DELETE.

This time I will remember to SAVE and then we will see what we have.

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