Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Days Go By..

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Each time I write a post lately, I feel the need to do the New Year's Resolution thing of promising to do better... but I don't.  So now, I'm just looking to post...take it as it is.

The summer has again flown by.  I don't know why I continue to be surprised by that year after year.  I guess I grew up believing that summer was the breather, giving you space and catch-up time before the school schedule kicks in with all its craziness.  Perhaps it was that way when I was a kid.  I can't even tell you that answer.  But I do know now, that it isn't less crazy.  With our last of 4 off to college last weekend, we are empty nesting again.  And a lot less controlled by that school calendar.  Sometimes I miss being a part of that school activity community, but many times, I'm sort of glad that I'm not trying to fit 4+ ballgames and all the other kid things, along with meals and laundry and a part time job or 3 into each week.  Sometimes it's sad to think of all that happened over the years, that you missed, or didn't really have the time to enjoy, because so much of life was just whipping by at break neck speed.  I was looking at a corner of the boys' room last night and picked up Dan's graduation gift of his scrapbook.  I was very much the picture taker and I get all weepy and nostalgic when I look back on those days gone by.  I often think, dang, what I'd give to go back to a day of each kid and just be able to savor the hours of stories.  Reading together was very much my thing.  I'm sure I've shared that many times in the past, but I read separate stories most times to all of the kids.  The oldest stopping only when he started freshman football and was too tired... or maybe just felt like he grew out of it.  But I truly savored and enjoyed those minutes each night when I'd snuggle up with each kid to read their chosen book, or the next chapter...and I could usually be convinced to stretch it to a second one.   I look forward to continuing that with grandchildren.  There were some tight time$ in our life, but $ spent on books was never wasted.  I picked them up at sales and bargain bins.  We had a Borders membership which gave us coupons and there was that reading area.  My kids loved going there to poke around and see if there was something new by their favorite authors.  We used the library a ton.  At one time, we were actively checking out books from 3 different libraries.  And it was worth it.  I'd do that again any day of the week.  I think we only permanently lost 1 book.  Not bad, considering that rate at which we were reading anc checking out books.

So, I'll count this toward the start of my August posts and look forward to being on Staycation next week.  Well, sort of.  I am going to be in my camper, but not too far away.  Just not needing to work or answer the phone.  A blessing and a curse when you own your own business.  Hope your week is going well, and that we talk again real soon.

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