Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Am ...a MOM

I'm a MOM...are you a MOM?  Maybe you are and maybe you are not.  I have had 2 kids get married, one more move out on his own, and the last one head 1049 miles away to college.  On some days, I think my mom days are pretty much over, as I know them.  It is a new role I am playing, as a mother-in-law and remote mommy.  I've not totally been kicked to the curb.  They know I'm just a phone call away.  And I have skills.  Mom skills.  Things that they didn't outgrow, and never will.  Some are side by side skills.  The painting partner.  The sewing machine lady.  The fix it up chappy.  The power tool handy girl.  The cooker and baker.  Not that I'm great at any of these things, but I dabble enough to have some skills.

Well, today, I looked at something on the counter.  There were 3 choices.  As is the case in many mom situations, I did NOT think, which do I want?  I instead thought, which one will others NOT want?  Crazy, right?  Do you ever do that?  Why do we do that?  Perhaps that is why I have trouble choosing my food at restaurants, or choosing the restaurant to eat at... choosing which movie to see, or whether to bake cookies or brownies...  Am I really thinking about what I want?  What brings me joy?  Yes, I read the book.  Or am I so used to taking care of others, that I can't kick the martyr role?

 I admit, that when my hubby goes away to golf at the end of Tax Season, I have sometimes traveled with him to meet up with my sister, and sometimes stayed home to hold down the fort.  I have decided this year, with 2 dogs, that I will not travel with him.  Partly because of the dogs.  But partly because I enjoy working on projects at 2am...if I want to, not if I have to.  And now, I've got this new friend, Jill at TaDa Quilting in Erie PA.  And I intend to spend some quality time with her that week.  And maybe painting something, or picking up some stuff at Lowe's and building something or 3, and then again, eating weird things at weird times of day and not having to explain.  I don't say these things because I have a mean husband who makes a lot of demands (when it's not tax season!), but just because for the point of conversation, there are questions that would be asked and out of politeness, I should answer.  There are meals that are normally shared, with decisions made based on the hankering of two, that now can be cake and ice cream...just because.  Or peas.  Just peas.  But now, I am rambling, and as is the case with mom's, we too, must go to sleep.  Or to our sewing machines for a little while to unwind..

Later, gator!!

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Be Still and KNOW... said...

Your blog is read, but like your random posts, so are my reads....and they are both delightful.... Keep posting and planning our annual trip this year ~ and what YOU want to want you to compile your writings into a book... Garrison Keillor style.