Friday, August 12, 2016

This is what I just finished reading....

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But it looked different when I read it, because it was Emma of Aurora and it was one big, fat book as a trilogy.  I used to shy away from the big heavy books, and I have to admit that the sheer weight of that book in my hands at night, reading in bed could be a bit discouraging.  But last summer on Vacation and again this summer, I tackled a big book for summer and it feels good. 1170 pages worth this summer.  WOOHOO!!  One of the advantages of doing a series all in one book, you are never caught finishing one and not having the next one available!  Have you done that before??  Maybe the one you need is checked out from the library, or your mom's not done with it yet.  Sometimes I have lost interest or have trouble remembering while waiting for the next book to be published.  Young readers don't have this problem, I'm sure, of losing track of the story, but I've that's just the way it is now.  I have a large stack of magazines to read on my Florida trip, and a couple of library books on my Kindle, and another couple of books on the hot list on my night stand, but for now, I've finished my BIG SUMMER READ.
I would recommend this book to others... I would lend you mine if you wanna stop over and pick it up...  Sorry- too heavy to mail it.

Soooo.... about that trip to Florida.  It sounds like a vacation type of statement, but Florida is where our youngest has chosen to attend college, so Embry-Riddle in Daytona FL is where we are headed in a week or so.  Far, far, far from home, but not worried about it at all.  Independent and ready for his next adventure...The kid who spent last winter on the ski slopes here, most every day, teaching ski lessons and volunteering as safety patrol.  His room is getting messier by the day.  Piles here, bags there, everywhere stacks.  Our last college freshman to leave the nest.  And then we are 2... plus 2 crazy dogs...hmmm.... So in prep for this historic event, there has been some shopping, washing, collecting and sorting...the quilt binding was completed, the scrapbook finally completed last night, fleece purchased for a new tied blanket - maybe tied sheets and towels washed, hung out in the fresh air to dry, and tossed in the tub.  Fresh supply of socks and underwear, washed and dried.  Socks that are really white and still match - a novelty here.  But there will soon be a lot less socks to lose their leaving them in the locker room, in the car, at a friends's more the single socks issue.  If they left both socks, it wouldn't be an issue, but so many singles have hung out at our house for years, and years.  It is possible that Sept will mark the end of the leftover sock basket.  If I haven't matched them with a partner, perhaps it's time to chuck them all.  Do you??  Do you save the singles forever, hoping to match them??

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Susan Anderson said...

Always an exciting and bittersweet time getting a child ready for college.
I will read the book(s).