Friday, October 30, 2015

what's been going on...october

Well, we've been practicing some carpentry skills in our church. We ordered up a medium dumpster.  Lee Caflisch told me it would hold 10 pickup trucks full.  That sounded like a lot, but I knew we were starting the process with two big, bad couches, so a medium it was.  There were 4 people first, then the 5th joined in.  Trip after trip.  If it got picked up, there needed to be a good reason for it to stay.  Leftover this, canned potato flakes from the 90's or before.  Broken parts and lost pieces, out they go.  Mostly empty containers, pop cans that have started to leak, out out out!
By the end of the clean up, we had a heap of stuff in that dumpster.  I called Lee and he said we were on the list, and probably would be picked up the next day.  Neat and tidy, that parking lot was for our Saturday event.

 Then we took off to pick up a few supplies.  Some tiles to lay down on bare cement to give us a clean base to set on.
With 18" tiles, this part was pretty quick and easy..
 Add to this, tools that fit the job.  See those snips?  Yep.  I bought them at Ernie Hinsdale's auction.  They are shape and wonderful.  Cut those peel and stick tiles like a hot knife through butter.  A good tape measure and a square, and we were in business.
This bad wall needs to we'll find something to cover it up with.

 Those pipes sticking out of the wall, lead to more than our crew wanted to deal with, so a base cabinet was installed over and around these pipes.  Out of sight, neat and clean.

We got the cabinet fitted and then covered the back wall, put a board along the top edge, decided we needed a bit of quarter round since old basement walls are NEVER square.  But, as long as we had the paint, and had painted KILZ on the other wall the last work day, we moved ahead with the priming of the new wall.  Some other fixture deals were located at a screaming deal and now it's just a matter of quarter round and blue paint and vacuuming and cleaning a carpet and attending to some lighting issues,  then moving in and setting up and moving toward a better space to learn and grow closer to God.  Why not join us??

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