Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Catching up a Bit...

Guest room- update.

We laugh when we talk about the guest room.  Andrea's room.  It's been painted -  three walls.  The fourth wall is partly painted.  We (I) had the creative idea to use the pallet slats to cover the wall, while leaving a part of Andrea's awesome chalkboard wall showing.  I'd had a bit of a slowdown on the pallet collection, then when I started to get them hauled in, I needed a bit of sawing to get the slats loose.  My brother expressed concern over the amount of pieces of wood (the number of pallets) and the number of holes to put them on the wall and the project got axed.  It is a cool look.  But I'm open to plan B or plan C.  I got onto pinterest and put in focal wall and got some wild ideas.  But the one I'm going with right now, is a wallpaper of books pages.  I have a book I wanted to use.  And Scott got a gift certificate to the local used bookstore, East Branch.  So, after my friend and I had visited for a while, I dragged Jocelyn to the shop, and we found a few more treasures.

I've had the flooring for a week.  You need to order this stuff and it takes a bit to come is, but it came earlier than I had hoped.  And it is supposed to acclimate to the room for a day or two.  And I had put off the floor thinking I'd do the pallets first, but with the pallets off the list, I started the laminate floor.  Yeah.  Last time, didn't I tell you to remind me to get some great knee pads before I did this again.  I like to do these projects.  But they remind me that I don't use these muscles as much as you'd think.  And a spend a few days being still and lame.  But the joy of looking at my completed projects outweighs the aches.  I have the last row to put in and also the thresholds.  And then I had to do other stuff and to go.  But they are on my list when I get back.  Probably Thursday nite. But what is done, looks really, really good.

More good stuff to come....

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