Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What happened Monday

On Monday, I needed to get a few things to send to Dan for his birthday.  So, I headed to a sporting store for some awesome shorts.  Then I went across the street to the big bookstore for a book that he had wanted but told me he'd wait for it to come out in paperback. Hey, it's a birthday...go for the hardcover. 
So I got the book on the level and then rode the escalator downstairs to find a fun, cute book to throw in.  I was not far from the escalator, looking around a table at some kids' Halloween books.
 An older couple had come down it before me and now they were looking to go back up.  She held tightly to his arm.  As they stepped forward, she grabbed the handrail that pulled her forward off balance and then she let go.  Her feet had not yet been on the moving steps, so it was just her arm that took a ride.  They talked a little then tried to figure out the best method to get on.  He was going first, and she would hold him.  Another shopper came forward and offered to help.  He stepped on, then she tried to step on but with one hand one the rail and one foot on the step, she wasn't fast enough to get the other foot on.  The shopper quickly stepped on to help her.  Then they all slowly started to come backwards and sit down.
 I ran over and tried to push the button to stop the movement.  I panicked and poked it twice before realizing that I had to lift the shield to stop it.  It came to a stop, but they were all tangled there together.  So I poked the button for the down side and went up high enough to see that I couldn't be of any help from that angle, so I went down and then couldn't help there.  An employee or two were there trying to sort it out.  I ran back up the down and around the top and down the down.  Getting to the pile, I wasn't much help as they all leaned back toward the bottom.  However, the helping shopper had gotten up, they slid the lady down a step or two on her bottom and then helped her stand and get in a chair. The man then tried to turn around to stand up, as his feet were higher than the rest of them.  It was too narrow for him to get his feet around him.  Not just an age issue, because I don't think I could have fit around either.  So they helped him go backwards down the stairs on his bottom until he was on the flat.  Then I sat down and grabbed his arms to help him up.  I hope that didn't hurt him.  They directed him a chair, got them both a glass of water and asked several times if they were OK.  They were suggesting an elevator back to the upstairs when I left.  I was still feeling shook up when I got to the peanut butter M&M section of Target.
I learned that you should look at escalators as you get on and off and see where those buttons are.
I learned to lend a hand before the crash takes place.
I learned that it is handy to know the locations of all elevators and direct struggling folks to those elevators.
I learned that it doesn't take much to knock you down.
I learned that the employees at Barnes & Nobles in Erie PA take good care of their customers.
Hug someone and help someone today.
You'll feel so much better when your head hits the pillow...

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Sue said...

Wow. What a story. Glad that they were okay!