Saturday, June 29, 2013

returning to blogging

Opening up here I see it has been exactly exactly one month today since I posted.  It has been a busy month. We've ended baseball and golf seasons at school. Done lots of tests. Had a baccalaureate and a graduation and a grad party. Made and or quilted a couch cozy for a birthday gift, a twin grad grad quilt that got shipped to Virginia, a quilt for my niece to take to college in buffalo ny, and a very special quilt for my own grad to take to SUNY Cortland in August.  A scrapbook got started and finished. We went to Cortland last Monday and Tuesday to get oriented, then I worked two days and went yesterday to see some kids get married. It was beautiful and they looked so happy. I've known both of them forever. One before she was even born. It was the picture of love and I was so glad to be a part of it. Prayers and blessings go out to Tara and Dan as they start their new life together.
So now it's time to try to get back on track here and in my house. 2 computers have been cleaned up and returned and waiting for the third.  Hoping that gets set up soon and I'm off and running. It looks like we will be moving our Erie office before the year is done. That will keep us busy through the year sorting, pitching, moving.  Have a good weekend. I've go  to make some cookies cuz if this rain holds off I'm off to th  go cart races Tonight for our scholarship fundraiser. Maybe I'll see you at hilltop!!

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