Friday, March 8, 2013

BIG DAN >>> 1004 points !!

 This morning after getting to work, I got a phone call from Dan's basketball coach.  He was reviewing the stats for the awards assembly this morning and realized that he was missing the stats from 3 playoff games.  When he added them in, Dan had a total of 1004 points.  This was AWESOME news.  In the history of stats in our school, there has only been one boys basketball player who has gotten to 1000 points.  It was Dan White, who played when I was in school and he did this in 1981.  Today we got to stand beside the next 1000 point Dan.  He told me what time the presentation would be and invited me there for pictures. 
OK...So there's a little mom pride going on here.  But is was a great place to be.  Part of the way through the season, we checked with the coach and we had an idea how close he was.  And we added on points every game...and we knew when we were within 50 points... We didn't really want him to know and dwell on it.  I'm doing some mom bragging here, but he's always been a kid who looks to see who's open.  He passes to his team mates a ton and is happy when someone else has a good game.  He is a leader and an encourager.  I didn't want that to change by him being desperate to get those last 100 points.
Next year he will be headed to SUNY Cortland to play football.  He is the boy who still kisses his mom every night before bed and after his games.  There will be some adjustments for our house.

Proud of you Dan.  For ALL of your talents.... Love, Mom


Sue said...

He looks like great kid. Congratulations to him!


Byrdbyron said...

Awesome! Congrats to Dan!

Hen Jen said...

ahh, great photos and congratulations!