Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Things I'm Thankful for in October....just a start.....

The GRIDIRON MOMS....we are the mom's of the football players.  On mornings before home games, we get up and make breakfast for the team...on the night before away games, we get together and pack bag lunches for the ride home on the bus...  They have donated, showed up to work, and just supported each other and the team.  I have come to know some of them better these fall weekends.  And my last season of Dan's high school football year, I am blessed to have them.  Kathy was on my side, so she's not in the picture.  We had different groups of moms each time, but we all worked together to make it happen.  Thanks so much ladies!!

 This new addition to our family actually came to live with us in September, but it was October before I really got to use it. No, sorry, it's not that cutlas...it's the Rockwood Ultra Lite...  We are busy on weekends with football boys and life and have been unable to get away for our first weekend of camping.  Are you surprised?  Did you not think we were camper people??  Well, I wasn't sure either, but I think it will work out OK.  I finally said last Saturday night...let's just go out there and sleep tonight...and we did...and it was good.  Now we are thinking about squeezing in a weekend before we attempt to winterize this baby.  Found a great campground that is still open.  Jury is still out on whether we're going to do it.

This is a picture of my kitchen.  The kitchen that we designed, worked with some local guys, had a preacher build the cabinetry, opened a wall to the dining room.  The kitchen that we waited many years for and will enjoy for many years to come.  We have been in here since March, using this to the max, and now that it is getting cooler, I have a hankering to bake and cook and stew and crockpot and just settle in here for the long wintertime and enjoy life.  I'm sitting here in the same place I took this picture thinking it was much cleaner when I took this picture!  Time to put some stuff away that is hanging out on the counter.

And these are hanging around reminding me of how lucky I am.  They are flowers that my husband sent to my work for our anniversary.  They were sent early on the 4th, and other than removing a few here and there, they are still going strong.  He's just a good guy.  Another reason to remember how blessed I am.

Been sorting through some clothes the past week.  Getting out the warms and putting away the summers and piling up the stuff that someone else can have.  Also dragged a kid to the pile and made him try on some stuff we've been holding on to, but the sizes of #3 & #4 is very different, so many of those are bagged and on their way out.  Lots of use in them for someone else.

Have a great day....

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Sue said...

Your kitchen looks terrific!

We are thinking of getting a camper, too. Last time we traveled, we got bitten by bugs in two of the five places we stayed. Seems like a camper might be a good alternative!