Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waynesburg Prosperous & Beautiful Sheep & Fiber Fest

 We took off this morning for a little jaunt to Waynesburg, PA.  We were off to our Fiber Fest.  Needed some stuff to keep us knitting through the summer.  I know this is a bad picture to see it, but I got the neatest bumpy yarn...called October from  Happy Fuzzy Yarn .

 This is how I wound it into a ball....yummi!!

 This was another yarn from Happy Fuzzy Yarn!!  Ochre is the color and it's varigated and worsted weight. Mostly I've been working on this project with bulky, so I think I'll have to double up this one.

One more's more burnt orange than the picture looks, and matches up with the rest, but I think together, it's just what I needed!!  Can't weight to start mixing this in with what I've started!!

Thanks for going along with me.  Ate my first (and maybe last) lamb sandwich today.  I'd really just rather pet them!  Petted some lambs, sheep and alpacas and even a goat.  Looked at some stuff that I could live without.  Tasted some tomato wine and had a great day in the sun!  Hmmmmm....

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Sue said...

I think I like happy fuzzy yarn...