Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alex

This weekend we took a cake to a surprise party!  We were celebrating Alex's 23rd Birthday, which is today, and his college graduation from the University of Buffalo, which will be May 11.  His girlfriend, Alyssa, made all the arrangements and we just showed up with cake and decorations and got the balloons blown up before they got there.  A little confetti sprinkled around and it looked like a party!!
We met in Buffalo at The Pearl Street Grill and Brewery.  Several of his friends and family from home were there, along with some from Buffalo.  I think more came after I left, but you know, we're old and had to drive home and couldn't stay out too late!!!
It was a good night.
This picture is the birthday boy, along with my dad, and his brother.
PS. I got him that star pin that says BIRTHDAY BOY and has flashing lights...nice & tacky!!  He wore it as long as I was there.

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Sue said...

A very good sport to wear the pin for you!