Tuesday, January 3, 2012

we got it!! Thanks!!

To whomever was worried about our lack of snow.... THANKS!!! We got it. And it just keeps coming. It was a good day for IN yesterday, but now I much go OUT... The snowblower was out for the first time today for official work. I would hate for it to be cold and lonely until it needs to mow grass again!

And the back view is more proof. The dog prefers to have company when he goes out to 'do his business' so I've been trekking out and down the deck stairs. It's OK. He is pretty good in the house, so we'll do this winter of outside visits. Hope all is merry and white at your place. And Jenn - not going to be 80 and sunny here for a while!!

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Sue said...

Hey, if you're glad, then I'm glad for ya!