Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Lord, answer me. for I have prayed. Psalm 141:1

Last week in our Sunday School class, (we are all women, a couple of high schoolers and then older) we were talking about prayer concerns and praises. One of our members said she knew the lack of snow was good for some, but since her hubby plows in the winter, could we please pray for some snow for Garrett? Well, we've been praying and God has answered our prayers!!
The first week in January usually sees us about halfway through the season's snowfall amount.
In 2009, we had 160" at the start of January; Season total of 306"
In 2010, we had 101.5"; season total of 191"
In 2011, we had 106"; season total of 234"
As of January 4th, 2012, our total snowfall was only 35".
I think by Sunday School class tomorrow, we'll be on our way to doubling that amount.
These figure are reported on the flashing board at the FireHall, collected by our Nature Center.
So you can see where Garret might be a little bored this year....
SO...this morning, I shoveled a path for the puppy to go potty and I smiled as I thought about prayer and God and answers....

And I thought about how blessed I was to have 2 answered prayers this week....because I was the one who was sending the Christmas box to North Carolina this year... and my mom gave me a few things to tuck in...and I sent it off in a Priority Med. Box...with the address that my sister had 3 years ago...don't ask why this happened. It just did...and when the package didn't get there on time, we started checking stuff out and I had this sinking suspicion that I made a booboo. Yep, no one to blame but myself. So I prayed that it would come back to me. The address was written right on the label to fall off and my return address right there, plain as day. Mailed on the 16th of December...time for Christmas, but it came and went and no box. My sister gave up early...figured it got delivered somewhere else and they needed it more than she did. My mom held out a little longer, but eventually gave up, too. Lost forever...then she told me what was in the box and I was feeling even worse, but I kept praying. Whenever I thought of it, and on my way into the post office at night. Tuesday, I came home and Scott had one of our friends in the office, so I chatted with them for a while, then Ben left, and I chatted with Scott some more, then I asked if he had gotten the mail, or if I should go get it. He said "oh, it's in the house...your box came today!" It's true. My box came back to me. Address circled in red marker with RETURN TO SENDER written beside it. Still taped up, just the way I did it. So I called my mom and she divided it up and sent it on it's way again. To the correct addresses this time. But I'm smiling, 'cuz it just goes to show me that GOD answered even sort of dumb little prayers... So don't forget to mention the little stuff when you are talking to him. He hears it all....

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Sue said...

Great story of how God does pay attention to the smaller details in life, too.