Sunday, January 8, 2012

My first Fab 50!!

This is my year of 50... So I've decided to make some goals of 50. The first one to go public is the Fab 50 Quilt and Yarn store hop. In this year, I hope to visit 50 stores and blog about them for you. The end of this first week in January, I was able to log QS1 and YS1 in one stop! I drove to Pittsfield, PA on the recommendation of Mary. I knew I was going to Anita's shop, but wasn't sure what the name of the QS was.
What a great start of the day! Melanie of QuiltEssentials opened the door to welcome us in. She had a decent selection of fabric, lots of patterns and samples and she and the other shoppers were full of ideas, suggestions and helpful advice. A great rug pattern came home from here. It will be a fun way to use up lots of scraps and make something I am in need of. Can't wait to make one of those...and then another.
I spent the most of my time in the other side of the house with Anita. The owner is a fiber woman. So does spinning and weaving, along with dying her own wool. She has a selection of wool fabric and wool felt for crafting. While I bought 2 balls of yarn here, and hope to go back for a weaving class this summer, the yarn selection wasn't that big and for bigger yarn choices, I might go a different direction. I was also tempted by her Tunisian Crochet scarf class. A bit of knit and crochet joined together in one scarf.
Time to roll along...
Next stop was a Hobbyshop on the way to Warren Pa. Had to circle around to go back for this. It was called Dreamboat and was listed as a yarn store...not so much...sort of like walmart is a yarn store. We looked through and then went along our merry way. It would do in a pinch, but I wasn't in a pinch and the prices weren't overly awesome.

YS2 was in Warren PA and called Tybout House of Handcrafts. This store had been found online last year, but never visited. Today was the day. The yarn selection was not real big, but then she told us that she was heading into retirement. She looked too young for retirement! Not enough older than me. So some chocolate was purchased here and she directed us to the next shop QS2.

Riverside Stitchin' quilt is also located in Warren PA. It is owned by Chuck Kennedy and we went in and prowled about for a bit. Some flannel came home from here. And maybe a return another time. There were machines for sale, too and I've been thinkin' about machines...maybe doing some machine quilting on a small scale..

But for now, it's time to go home... stay turned for more of the Fab 50!!


Carrie said...

I love Quiltessentials! Melanie and Anita are fantastic.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I'm going to enjoy reading about your shops this year. When I was in Warren last fall with a gang, we only visited Anita's and Riverside. I think Warren must be a town with a lot of good stuff; I need to check it out again!

Sue said...

I gave a handmade quilt to each of my family members this year. (I didn't make them myself; I had them made.)

They loved them!

And I love mine, too... (couldn't leave myself out, right?)


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Have a new quilt and a new yarn shop for us to visit in Chapel Hill... think you'll like it. There are also a couple we can hit in Charlotte when you come for the wedding if there's time..... the if should be capitalized ;-)