Monday, December 12, 2011

It's tough being the entertainment...

I came home from a friend's house the other night and the dog had climbed up on the hearth of the fireplace, then over the arm of the couch, then fell asleep right there. Not sure that this is more comfortable than curled up on the floor, but sometimes it just happens... Then I came home from my turn at Saturday a.m. at the clinic, and they were all outside putting together the shed for the snowblower to live in for awhile. It was cold and hands were getting numb....but the energy level of Eli was not to be slowed down. A bit of a trick to get him to actually look, but after taking a few pictures, he took off on a tear and ran and sniffed snow and ran some more and then he came in the house without his neck scarf. Guess I'll be looking for that in the spring!!

Merry Christmas from Eli !!


Sue said...

What a funny pooch!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

What a perfect fit for one of my favorite families. Love the nappin picture!