Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!!!
After about 2 months of my desktop being off-line, I'm back on and WOW!!! Life is good!!
If you use a large, very nice screen, and then you must use an older, still great , much smaller laptop, you notice a difference!!
I'm here to say that in 15 minutes, my life is sort of back to where is was before we left on vacation in July!!
I haven't keep up much on here. My emails are mostly from my phone and because I am over 40, my thumbs were NOT grown and developed for texting my emails... many ?? in things that I write.
But we're up and running.
I didn't need to lift anything over 5 lbs to do this install. Not much bending, no stretching, unplug and plug in, type, type, enter, wait....yeah, pretty much idiot-proof. That's my kind of tech assistance needed.
Hey, I'm going to pick up Chicken barbeque on my way to the football game. I'll be in a chair at the end of the field, but I'll be there. And it will be good....and then I'll come home and take a nap and that will be good too.
See you around!!

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Sue said...

Hope you had fun at the football game. That chicken BBQ sounds pretty good!