Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Gorgeous

This weekend, we were introduced to an organization I didn't know existed. I've written of my friend Elaine several times in the past. She's the one who did the Breast Cancer 3Day walk with me, she's the one who does Songfest with me and she is the one who has 1 chemo and 28 radiation treatments to go.... This is part of her team this year for the Relay for Life. The ones who could, gathered together at school for this picture. Elaine teaches English. We try to keep it a secret that she really can't spell, but she has a dictionary, so that works out OK!! I wasn't there for the picture, but I was there for the walk....

Here is Elaine in all of her smiling glory!! The purple group from L to R is her SIL, Laura, Laura's Mom - treatments completed for MaryAnn, I believe, Elaine and Martha. They were in the beginning group of walkers...

But today, Elaine got a surprise. Some friends worked together and submitted her name for a program called HELLO GORGEOUS!!

Willowe did not have an easy time getting Elaine to go to lunch today. Her Thursday treatment had left her not feeling really up to it, but the date was already set as a surprise, so she used her most convincing ways to lure her into the local restaurant and then once in the car, went to the salon, sat with her for the 3 hours of pampering and makeover, and then delivered her to the restaurant for her REVEAL!! Doesn't she look MARVELOUS!!!

You are such an inspiration to us all, Elaine. And you are truly GORGEOUS, inside and out, but you always were!! Now go get some rest!!!

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Hen Jen said...

wow, how sweet! Neat to see such a big group of support for her!