Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks, Anna.

This week my knitting mentor went home. God called her. She was 100 years old and only 2 months from 101. Still knitting and reading to 100 and beyond. How can you say anything about going at 100.... Only thing is, I probably should have paid more attention. But now, there's no more questions to ask. One day I went over and the last 3 times I had the same project in my bag and she looked at me and said "Leave that here and I'll finish it." and I did and she did. A little change for her and a help to me. She made the best headbands with extra width for the ears. I have the pattern and now I guess I'll have to make my own. She could whip stuff up like that in no time, while I plodded along.
Here she is last May with some girls that were 80 or 90 years younger than her. Can you tell which one she is. That bright sun was tough on the pictures!!

Bye Anna! It was a great run! She made my first handknit socks and my fair isle sweater. She didn't like mittens much, and when I told her about felting it almost made her crazy."You knit something and then shrink that nice wool up on PURPOSE???" But she tried it once or twice. Still didn't like it. Thank you for all the blessings you have rained on us over the years. Save me a seat at the quilting circle, too. We'll do that together.


Sue said...

She looks like a wonderful lady who had a long and loving life. (She certainly did NOT look her age!)

I'm sure you will all miss her!


Lisa Loo said...

I just LOVE the 1st pic and this post. She sounds like a remarkable woman!