Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A bit of last week...

oh, think I'd know better by now than just to hit

Here is Bert at the Biltmore Estate. He's doing the strongman thing and holding it up. Well, hey, it was worth a try!!

It was raining when we went inside for the tour, but had cleared up by the time we came out again. We ate in the stable, and then we walked around outside a bit. It was sort of the end of the wisteria, but it was still pretty.
We saw lots of neat stuff inside. Bert got the recorded tour, so he told us all of the important stuff we needed to know. I thought it must be a bear to dust the place, and how in the world would you decide which HUGE room to have your party in?? I guess if you have poofy dresses, you take up lots of room, but I'd NEVER know where anything was!! Oh, I guess that would be the job of the domestic servant who liked me the best, to keep me sorted out!

Bert took my picture when we were walking in the gardens. He kept saying, "back, back, back..." I really like this picture of me...don't you??


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Very nice! I would love to see this place in real life.

Hen Jen said...

ha, the strongman photo is pretty cool, I saw it right away!

very pretty photos, sounds like a nice place to visit. :)