Sunday, April 17, 2011

The End is Near!!

Whoops! That went ahead and posted the title when I just wanted to jump into the body here! So if you get on here and read the title, you might get the idea that I'm into some phophetic stuff....Nope! The end will happen when it happens. But the end of our wild tax season is tomorrow. The government will officially declare the deadline time as postmark APRIL 18. It was silly to extend it over the weekend, but no one asked me. I would have SURELY given my honest opinion on it. Why ruin a perfectly good cold and rainy weekend, but giving people 3 more days to procrastinate?? It is what it is. And now, I look around the disaster of my house and think about the shoemaker and the elves and what needs to go where and why nothing is where it should be. One bite at a time, that's how you eat an I think a little R&R is in line first, then tackle the stuff. I need some organization with this yarn that I love to see and feel and need to knit up. Did I say I was getting more??? What am I - crazy??? yes, just a little crazy!! I think I should just put projects into numbered bags and work on them one or 2 at a time. For Lisa Loo- THE SOCK will travel with me in the car and I will knit a bit on it here and there. I agree with those who say one of the frustrations of sock knitting is when you finish, you still need to knit a mate. I'm in the same place with my still to be felted slippers. One done, one not. A problem here is that one is started a bit, but I'm not sure how much, so it is a matter of trying to decide if I know where I am in the instructions, or if I need to pull out what is there and restart. One slipper will do me no good...unless I match it up with the one slipper that Andrea did for her class and I recently found in a jumble of my yarn stash. Projects #1 and #2 have named themselves. I will not let myself start the sweater yet. But I may take project 3 along and start it if I can finish #1 or #2. I have hopes!! ANDDD>>>>>> You would be so proud that I was looking through the stash of fabric for something to try a skirt with. I bought stuff a few years back that I like and never got around to, so it's possible that I will now...and I also found some Gecko material that I bought for something and I really like it, so I held onto it and I'm wondering if I would wear a black skirt with bright, silly geckos all over it. Or if I should try for some shorts/capris. I can just see me smiling every time I put on the geckos!! ANYWAY!! I need to get moving. It's the last Sunday of BSI, Dan is not here for it, so I'm his stand in person, I need to tape the scripts to the clipboards and I'm already been out for errands this morning with my friends, because you can't talk about a donut break for 10 weeks and not give the kids a donut break for a reward!! The parents are going to LOVE us....SHHHhhh!! Don't tip them off! Have a great Sunday. I need to throw some wash in so I have something clean for my next adventure!!


Lisa Loo said...

Thank you for my update on THE SOCK. {{{giggle}}}}

It seems almost too sad to ever make it part of a pair......

Be Still and KNOW... said...

hmmm - not sure where my post went?

Got a great idea ~ why don't you match your sock and slipper ~ now you have a pair AND you can cross two things off your list!

Drive safe (or should i say ride/navigate safe) See you Tuesday ~ yippee!

Sue said...

I just mailed our tax check today, but we e-filed yesterday.

I guess we needed the extra days!


Carrie said...

The kids loved the KK donuts! But I think the Daddies loved the leftovers more! Thanks for all your hard work on BSI.