Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guess What?? It's SNOWING!!

Yeah, it's true. Not a big surprise for February. But it was NOT what fit in my plans. Today it the first day for a looong time that I didn't have to BE somewhere to work or spectate for certain amounts of time. So I already had a big list in my head, and had started putting it on paper this morning of a trip to Erie with MANY stops to get the stuff that I just didn't have time to do before...not fun, girlie type of shopping...more the TP and toothbrush stuff. I have Sam's Club, Target, Lowe's, Joann Fabrics, AC Moore, Tractor Supply on the list just for starters. This is not an all day shop, either, as I have a plenty to do here at home. It the stuff of life and a little more pressing, we are starting a new Bible Reading program at church TOMORROW and several of my stops included props and gadgets for my Children's time and the kick off of said Bible Reading. Usually life gets in the way, but this time is was snow. Now I'm not one to back down from a little snow. I've lived here all my life and just because I can't see anything coming out of my driveway because the banks are so high, and people here have started backing in for just that reason, I'm not backing down to a little snow.... But the hubby left for Erie where HE had appointments and he had to be this morning....and then he has to come straight back here, because this afternoon he has appointments here and not enough window of time on a good day...he called ....and said "STAY HOME!" so I am....he said wait until I get home and see if it is getting better and go then. He knew I wanted to get up there when the stores opened, avoid the crowd, and get home...after all, I have stuff to do!! But as I look out the windows in the kitchen, one facing an open hay/corn field across the road with trees behind, or the other side, across Findley Lake and the hill and trees beyond, there is not much to see...but snow. The trees are obscured by the snow falling heavily....the lake is just a fluff in the distance, and the hill beyond, invisible. Looks like a good day for IN.
SOOOOO.... I went to the bathroom and pulled down the shower curtain for a bit of a scrub before putting it into the washer, but then grabbed the dirty clothes baskets from a couple of places and brought them to the laundry to start a load first, only to feel that WARM water running has been for a while, which means that the hose from the back needs unhooked, the washer with the screen from the cold water needs emptied out, cleaned and replaced....up to the toolbox for a wrench/pliers to undo the hose. Back down, do the job. Doesn't take much time, you just have to do it. Channel locks back to the toolbox ( I leave this step out a lot! That's why I can't find stuff) ( I know DON"T PUT IT DOWN - PUT IT AWAY!) Washer pushed back and started...warm water again ....hurray!! shower and curtain scrubbed. another load loaded... Who keeps unplugging the Roomba that I've had for 14 months that hasn't made 14 trips out from under my desk yet?? ..plug that in and go back to the garage and look for a couple of things that will work for props, 'cuz by the looks of the snoww, I'll not be shopping today... maybe errands tomorrow after church...maybe not. I think the spin cycle is done so I'm off again!!
Have a great day!!


Lisa Loo said...

I got tired just reading this! And this was WITH snow! You accomplish more in a day than I do in a week :0)

Sue said...

Wow. Snow or no snow, you are one productive person!