Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Road Trip

In order to look for some stuff that we needed, we happened to get up and meet at 9:30 and drive to Waterford...only to find a sign on the door that said...Closed This Friday and Saturday...RATS!! So we proceeded to stop #2, and here we are! Walking in the door for the first time, I thought nice little store...then I piped up and said, "We're just beginning knitters and we need some more sock yarn." So she told us that was in the next room and we went in there and WOW!! Lots more yarn...that's where we left Cheryl for a LONG, LONG TIME, knelt down on the floor making decisions for the kids and their socks...and then Kathy noticed another 'closet' room that someone was in....and it was small enough you didn't want many people in that spot. And that is where Kathy found her next project.

ME? I was in the sale section where I found 2 yarns that I wanted to do my project with. I am the only one who can still not wear 'socks' because I've only completed SOCK. So I found another great yarn that I want for hand warmers, but Cheryl is using it for something, and may need more anyway. So I said when she is ready, I'll buy some of that, too and we'll knit it and that will be my reward for finishing one of the projects I bought the stuff for this week... Let me recommend Rustic and Refined at 2598 W 8th street in Erie PA for one of your yarn stops...

We then headed over to pick up a pizza and ate that on the way to the Cultured Purl. Different style, different feel, but I like this store, too. It is where I took my felted slipper class with Andrea and they are also a very helpful group here. There is a greenhouse room that has a couch and chairs and you can just sit there and knit and visit and there is a class table in the middle of the yarn room....I got just a small ball here for dishcloth knitting that had elastic in it. Can't wait to whip that out. She told me that I could get 2 cloths out of one little ball. Cheryl was looking for one more sock color combination/yarn (her son had requested a certain one..)and didn't find what she needed, and Kathy's project from the last store was big enough to keep her busy for a few weeks, so she held back.... It was a great day for yarn!!

Did I mention that I stopped at a Quilt Shop on my way home from Pittsburgh?? I have been there before and really like the place. It's in a house and the girls were SO HELPFUL and FRIENDLY and CHATTY. Scott had an hour nap in the car while I was in there. That's the mark of a great shop to me. One where you walk in and feel comfortable and see stuff you really like and you just want to hang out there and visit with people you don't even know, except that you've been there once before, about a year earlier. And then the store husband was also there and HE was very nice and helpful, too. I left with some CUTE monster material and some bright prints to go with it and now I have to figure out who to make it for, but I've got to make it, 'cuz it spoke to me from the shelf and of all the material in the store, I felt this one was the loudest!

****addition: This was COUNTRY STITCHIN' located at 516 Venango Ave in Cambridge Springs, PA and you can get ahold of them at ...but stop on down. They'll be glad to see you!

And then I came home from it all to an overfilled clothes hamper, quite a bit of dust and the usual neglected housework....and a pile of computer entering for next week....and the quilt squares for my bed that are in a box, waiting for my attention....all waiting for my attention....but my hubby was cooking and what a great way to feel loved!!

Have a great day and get some rest for the week to come....


Carrie said...

Sounds like a great trip! It's so much fun to get out with friends and go visit several stores.
Where is the "pittsburgh" quilt shop? My sister and I are making a trip in a couple weeks and we might just head that direction. I'd love to make it a stop on our list if it's close enough!

Sue said...

I used to do a lot of fun shopping with friends, but we don't go as much anymore. Kinda sad.

I think maybe I'll revive those shopping trips. (We've been letting our fingers walk through Etsy instead...)