Thursday, October 14, 2010

and this was Thursday...

I really want to post a post...but I really want to bake some cookies. I got the ingredients out almost 2 weeks ago and then after a few days, put them away. This Monday I baked bread - white and wheat. I didn't put the stuff away on Monday...but I did on Tuesday...and I still don't have cookies. So I think right now, I'll go stir up a batch...
Bee back sooooonn!!!

OK!! The last batch of cookies are in the oven and the timer is just about ready to ding.... It was brought to my attention through my new job, that mopping the floor doesn't really take that long... so in between batches, I mopped the floor. Except while I was looking up some lovely colored wood knitting needles with Cheryl on the internet....that batch is WAY TOO TAN!!! She is hesitant to order yarn that way, without seeing with her eyes and feeling the softness and texture of her socks. She needs that in order to be excited about the socks that they will be. Right now, I'm the behind knitter. Kathy has finished her blue pair and mostly another snazzy pair...Cheryl is ahead of me..Willowe is ahead of me...I've turned a heel and I'm headed toward the toe..of my first sock. I have the second knit to the heel and ready to go from there. One stitch at a time.

But tonight instead of knitting, I chose baking. And mopping ...nesting... somedays you need to step away to see the obvious.

I worked today at my new job. My new job is working part time at the Tri County Vet Clinic. I'm one of the office ladies (all of us are part-timers). We answer phones and as many questions as we can. We make appointments, dispense Advantage by the boxfuls, fetch meds, and take care of paperwork. We pet dogs, cuddle kittens and distract the kids. We handle mostly small animals...dogs and cats... We see them at the start of their furry lives, and some at the end. We have tissues for those occasions. The 2 vets at our clinic are good, real good. They are knowledgable and caring.... Prices are very reasonable and people come from quite a distance to see our doctors. It is busy...some days crazy busy, but I like it. The doctors do appointments in the morning and do surgeries in the afternoon. After that, we attend to tidying up, restocking, checking our patients and a bit of housekeeping. I like it. It's a good job with good people. I think they like me, too.

After I got home and my guys all left, I found some chili in the freezer and popped it into the microwave and then went outside. I bought some composted horse poop from my friend's horse riding group. They sell it as a fund raiser and I had picked it up from Willowe on Monday and it was still sitting by my garden I went outside, and pulled up all remaining plants. After all, we did get a freeze the other night. So it was cleaned out and then the new 'dirt' was dumped on top...a bag here, 2 bags there...spread it over there. I was pretty happy with my garden this year. I'm delighted with my purple peppers, one of my favorite 'from seeds' plants this year. It was a good feeling to pull up the plants and see the little webbed peat pots still intact. I know THOSE plants were my seed babies and I smiled.

And jumping over to an apron question..I made aprons for the waitresses and bigger ones for the cooks at Pine Junction. Shirley saw me on a baking day and admired my apron and asked if I would be interested in making some for her staff. I made a few and dropped them off and promised more. She picked up the second batch yesterday...the ones I had pictured on my blog...mostly waitress aprons that time. She was happy with the variety and I have a few more to finish up. It's fun to make something or do something to make someone happy. It's really not that hard to do. It's what life is about. Doing the right thing.

Feeling a little snoozy, so I guess I'd better shut off some lights and hit the hay...
Have a great Friday.

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Holly said...

Goodness! You are one busy lady! Your new job sounds awesome--animal lovers are the best (and nicest) people around.