Thursday, October 7, 2010

Golf Outing Day!

Today is the day of the Findley Lake Rec's Golf Outing. They have been updating the playground and this is a fundraiser toward the next phase. Along with golfing, I'm donating this flannel quilt. A friend with a new longarm quilting machine donated the quilting on it and it is just for the evening snuggle at 54"x90" inches. Long enough to share, or tuck under the toes of tall people. When cotton throws were all the rage, we got several. Only thing is, you have to curl up to be covered.
So while I'm out in the questionable weather, enjoying my golf team members and having a great time showing them how bad I golf and how I'm unable to drive the ball this summer for some reason, I'll be holding the thought of a hot shower and my own flannel quilt, waiting for me at home. Maybe I should go out and hit a few practice balls across the road, just for warm up...nah, I'd better save it. I haven't played 18 holes in forever. This summer, I've just been a 9 holes and where do we eat sort of golfer...but the company's been good, so...!!!
See you after the Chicken Barbeque finish!! FORE!!! Lookout. I've hit people BEHIND me before.

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Sue said...

I'm no great shakes at golfing, either. But that quilt is amazing.

The colors!!