Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ahhhhh and OOPS!!

This is the project that I have had in a cardboard box for over a month...maybe closer to 2.... You may recall seeing the pieces of fabric before I started cutting them... then I got some more and took the plunge and cut 7" squares. I'd seen several like this with just 5 prints in random order and I really liked the effect. Don't get me wrong, I like quilts in patterns and pieced with triangle and different parts all matched up to a lovely design. But there is also a part of me that likes the scrappiness of just throwing pieces around and sewing them. The only restrictions on this is I will not sew two exact matches together side by side. It gets a bit tricky at this size with only 5 prints, and I admit, there are a couple of strips that will need adjusted with a seam ripper and a flip... but I'm thinking this MAY just make it to the bed this winter. The quilt on my bed right now, is one I made for my queen size bed, then we sized up to a king and I gave it a rotation and it goes sideways, but it looks fine. But I'd really like a little more size. I like to be tucked in and covered up. This finished quilt should hang a good amount down each side, so that even with a half roll from one of us, the other stays covered. I didn't want to put on a border, just go patchy to the edges...I think I'm going to make it!! Sewing these pieces together the next night or two and then find some backing and decided about tie or quilt or me or someone else. How soon do I want it on my bed??!?!?!
Yes, this was the oops from yesterday. Not quite chili. It was hamburger soup, just about ready to eat when the handle let loose, the screw fell into the pot and I had to find a way to rig it back up. So I had Bert screw off the washer thingy, found a woodscrew and this chunk of wood and McGyver'd it back to use. Not the best fix, but it work for now and my next DIY shop, I'll pick up another handle of some sort. This baby doesn't owe me anything, but it still works well, so I'll keep her around. Oh, you noticed the chip in the crock and the crack in the side handle, too?? still works.... :o)
oh, yeah...we did find the screw before we served it!!


Kim said...

Looks like you had some hungry boys in the house from the looks of that crock.

Sue said...

Is that chili I smell?


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Hope whoever found the hardware had to do the dishes (unless it was you!)