Friday, October 8, 2010

A beautiful day for GOLF!

What a beautiful day is was for a golf tourney! Here is my view. There were 10 teams, I believe. 46 or so golfers... great chicken barbeque after, but the day of golf was golden. After many days of rain, it was overcast when we left the house. I was wearing a turtleneck and a sweatshirt and soon discovered that was not going to work out, as the sky cleared and the beauty of fall showed through. This is our view from one of the golf holes, toward the club house. The trees are getting right to prime now and the wind would pick up, and the shady places were cool, but for the most part, it was a very lovely day. I was good enough on a few drives, putts and even a couple of chips, to contribute to the scramble of my team and we placed third, which I thought was AWESOME!! This was the first year for the tournament and everyone wants the details for next year's tourney, so they can play again. We believe that the playground project will benefit $2000- $3000 after expenses. Not bad for a first year, not bad for being put together quickly, just a good feeling. And I did VERY well on the Chinese auction. I won a new bird feeder and some seeds, an afghan, and my hubby won a picture of Jack for his office. I won a metal tub with COLD DRINKS printed on the outside and some refreshments inside of it, but a guy offered me cash, so I let it go. Some people go for the 50-50, but I'm into the Chinese auction. It's a good cause and we bought A LOT of tickets, so our chances were increased, but why not??!?!

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