Monday, September 13, 2010

Please Stop Over...

OOOP! This picture is Molly and her sr. prom date, Kyle Rice...couldn't find the one with Alex...I'm thinking that was pre-digital and I was using the disposables for a few weeks!!
I've just had my daily dose of Molly and I'd like to invite you over to visit her, too! Molly is a Clymer girl, but she was born in Pittsburgh after it was discovered that her mom had a pretty agressive form of breast cancer. She is a year and a month older than my oldest. She went to Homecoming with Alex one year. Her mom never got to meet Alex, and I just have to say that MaryBeth Mathews was a wonderful woman... But as time passed, Ted found another great girl, married her, and they had 2 daoughters, the same ages as my youngest 2 boys.

Before Molly graduated, her family moved to Nebraska. She stayed here with her grandparents for her senior year, and then when they went south for the winter, she stayed with my friend, Willowe and her family.
Now Molly has graduated from Nebraska...oh, yeah, she's a HUSKER!!
Please go here to follow her adventures for 2 months at an African orphanage.
****added later: and leave her a comment. You don't have to have an account, just click on 'comment as' and then use the 'anonymous' choice. Bloggers LOVE comments. It's nice to know that people are reading what you are writing. Thanks!!

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Sue said...

She seems like a wonderful girl, and she is doing some important work over there.

I love the high school photo, too. Cute couple, even though they weren't "the one" for each other!