Thursday, July 15, 2010

Give Me Jesus


Kim said...

A new day everyday & Jesus, what else do we really need? As I visited with a friend today whose husband is in stage 3 melanoma, I was reminded that everyday is a gift.

Karen Sue said...

yeah Kim,
My brother is dating a girl who finished a nasty round of chemo and radiation this past Monday. 2 years ago, her husband, a classmate of mine, died of cancer. I'm divorced, so my 3 kids have 4 sets of grandparents. This winter 3 sets of grandparents were dealing with cancer and so far, all have come out on the winning side of it. You just never know what you've got..

Ripley Library said...

My husband is returning from a trip to Reno to visit a friend with cancer who won't be with us much longer. Please pray for their family and special prayers for his wife who is having a very difficult time coping with the reality of the situation. Thank you.